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Re: Opera Mini 5 Beta 2

Fullscreen Edit Mode Locks up Mobile 5 Beta 2

I had the same problem in Beta 1 as well.

I have a Windows Mobile 6.1 Touch Pro.

If I'm in fullscreen edit mode, occasionally, Mini 5 seems to disable my softkeys so that I'm either unable to cancel my editing session or click ok to save it. I can still continue to type though.

Basically, I'm completely unable to get out of fullscreen edit mode and I have to terminate the application manually.

It happens on many different pages and doesn't always happen when I edit the same text box. I can edit the box once and it works and then the next time in the same box, I get the problem.

Can anyone else confirm?

Any possible solutions?

Or maybe even a workaround? If my softkeys aren't working, is there a key I can hit on my physical keyboard that might be equal to hitting the ok softkey?

I wonder if using a updated java might make a difference? I'm on Esmertec 20080912.5.1 now.
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