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Error 246 - HTC Tilt2 (Rhodium)


I am trying to unlock my HTC Tilt2 (Rhodium), using the Rhodium Hard-SPL unlocker. I continue to recieve the error message indicating a communication problem (Error 246). Can you please make a few suggestions. This phone is GSM and my carrier is AT&T. I am using Windows 7 (64Bit) as my operating system, and have disabled Symantec Endpoint Protection (RU5); I've also made an exception for the executable of the unlockr tool.
As per instructions that I've read, I did the following:
1. Removed Simm card.
2. Removed SD card.
3. Disabled Symantec (RU5)
4. Launched the MS Mobile Device Center, and verified connectivity.
5. Ran the "Rhodium-HardSPL_V1_20R2.exe". I continue to get error 246 indication a communication error using both the "Automatic" and "Manual" flash.

Note: ONCE on my phone I received a message indicating that RUU was trying to run on my machine. I confirmed, but nothing happened after that. The message never appeared again on my phone.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Thank you for your time,

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