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Re: Sprint Touch Cube Configuration Tool v4.1 and HTC TyTn II (Kaiser)

I have a HTC TyTn II (Kaiser) with the HTC 6.1 ROM update and I've installed the xda-developers HTC Cube which works fine. However, the xda-developers HTC Cube cab included Cube Config (version 3) and that didn't work with my device. Whenever I try and change one one of the 6 App Side items, it prompts me to confirm the save but then gives me an error when I click "OK" (eg "TomTom Navigator failed updated!").

I know this isn't advertised as being for the HTC TyTn II, but because Cube Config came with my Cube install, I'd presumed it would work. It's a shame because Cube Config is a very nicely built program and much more usable than the "Cube Settings" alternative that came with the install.

Is there any way to get Cube Config to work with my phone?