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Re: Haus Intrepid Tips and Tricks

Originally Posted by haus View Post
Look for taskmgr.lnk inside \Windows. If there is one there, copy that lnk file directly to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs.

If there isn't one, then using a file manager, select \Windows\taskmgr.exe, "copy", and paste a link inside \Windows\Start Menu\Programs (not sure if the built-in file manager can do this or not, you might need Resco or Total Commander, etc.)
Yea I need to restore this back becuase my quick button for the task manager will not work.

Also do you think you can find the registry key to disable a incall alert when you get a voicemail? The same alert loud is there when a voicemail comes in while you are on the phone. You will of course need a another phone to use, so you can call your # while your on a call.