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Re: |CR|6.5.1|ROM|WWE| ★ EnergyROM "Leo" (23504/21864) ★ |Nov 9| ★ Latest Manila 2.5!

hit the top left of the screen, he move the task manager there but you cant see it unless you hit the corner
Originally Posted by goldenu View Post
Got a weird situation, or else I'm just missing something: if I'm playing music and browsing the web, I can't switch back & forth. To leave Opera I have to use the start menu button, which gets me back to manilla, but kills Opera. Is there a way to switch back & forth? I used to just use the pull-down for task manager in the upper-right corner, but there appears to be no equivalent for 6.5.1. I'm completely sold on 23504 & Manilla 2.5 and *really* don't want to switch back to Photon if it can be avoided.

EDIT: Turns out Taskfacade works fantastically in this role. I mapped it to the send (hold) key and it really makes things elegant. Still, would like to know if there is an "official" way?
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