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Re: |CR|6.5.1|ROM|WWE| ★ EnergyROM "Leo" (23081/21864) ★ |Oct 25| ★ Latest Manila 2.5

Originally Posted by maedhros View Post
They haven't screwed up anything. So even if they are just a placebo, its better then nothing.
The saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind. Besides for the standard issues with 2.5 everything looks really promising with this ROM. Its definitely my favorite ROM right out of the box. The one thing I would love to have with this ROM though is a list of things that are installed with it so I don't reinstall over top anything that's already there. But hey, you can't have it all and I would prefer if NRG spent the time it would take to do that to have a bit of fun as he deserves it!

The only apps I really install add to the eye-candy of an already pleasing ROM are:

Max Manila (I like the 20 shortcuts)
HDWall (I like having my own wallpaper)
Resco File Explorer (I prefer it to Total Commander for everything non-registry related)
mtoolbox (free app that uses the g-sensor for water/shock levels and the light sensor to measure lumens)

Everything I install just adds to what I use my phone for. Everything that deals with the functionality of the phone I gladly leave to NRG cause I fully trust he knows what he's doing.

Thanks a lot NRG as this ROM is pretty kickass for a Man 2.5 Rom and I can't even dream of switching back to 2.1 now.

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