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Re: |CR|6.5.1|ROM|WWE| ★ EnergyROM "Leo" (23081/21864) ★ |Oct 25| ★ Latest Manila 2.5

[QUOTE=Boushh;1291711]That's really bizarre... maybe your phone is just an attention ***** :P
I don't know... maybe a hard reset???? easiest solution IMO if it bugs you that much...

Originally Posted by ace10134 View Post
Just let it blink! Mine's not blinking though. You've soft resetted?
Thanks guys, you truly have been a huge help throughout these 100+ pages, I am not being sarcastic.

This really isn't bothering me that much, definitely not enough to hard reset. I have done multiple soft resets due to other things. It was just that on the stock that was one thing I really liked, no blinking lights. Oh well.

The rom is awesome and very flashy. I have been looking at other roms because I too am an addict but I think I ruined it for myself by flashing NRG's first. The others just don't look as good. I originally put NRG on my old Diamond and I also put it on my wife's TP, now I got it on my TP2. Sweet!!!
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