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Re: |CR|6.5.1|ROM|WWE| ★ EnergyROM "Leo" (23081/21864) ★ |Oct 25| ★ Latest Manila 2.5

Knowing that manilla 2.5 was not designed for the TP2 I will make the following comments. It is nice to see some of these features, unfortunately there are some things, I can't live with which may be fixable.

On Verizon - 11/02 Build.

A. After install, using device was horrible until hard reset. (Probably Normal)

1. I can't read the black flip clock outdoors and it there is some bugs with it.
(CAB for original white clock?)

2. There is not right softkey option to select text in email like in the stock rom. If I want to highlight certain line of text to copy I can't.

3. Why is "Reply All" left softkey default in email? (How to remedy)

4. Slide Lock screen absent.


What I like:

1. Speed is pretty good given the graphics most of the time.
2. Included software apps and utilities is excellent.
3. Good support
4. Visually well done.

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