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Re: Sprint Unlocker - RhodiumW WU Radio Unlocked for US Networks

Originally Posted by cyclical View Post
I have a Sprint TP2. If I sim unlock and flash this radio I will now be able to put in a ATT/Tmobile sim card into my Sprint phone and use it here in the US correct?

Will the phone operate on both Sprint/ATT at the same time? if someone calls my sprint number the phone will ring, if someone calls the ATT number the phone will ring?

Or do I have to tell the phone to operate on Sprint network and manually switch it to the GSM network when I want to use that network/receive calls?

I ask because I may be getting a cell phone at work and I believe they use ATT. I really don't want to carry around 2 cell phones.

I hope this made some kind of sense.
the guy that replied earlier that said both work at the same time has no idea what he's talking about

i have the same issue - except mine is a tmo sim instead - i put my tmo sim after unlocking and unfortunately it looks like right now you can only use either cdma or gsm - not both at the same time
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