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^ Haha, beat me too it.

Originally Posted by Tiger505 View Post
Maybe someone could check this for me. I'm on Sprint Touch Pro 2. On the keyboard I'm getting some ERRORS. When I try to get the forward slash / (fn + j = /) I get the : and if I want the : symbol I need to do the fn + n = / which is not the the symbols that are on my keyboard. I think these were fine on the stock Sprint Rom. If someone could test these it would sure help. Could be my device or it could be NRG's Rom...I'm not sure. There are a couple other symbols that are not working correctly also but if someone could check on their device (Sprint, but maybe others) I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance.
Did you use the Sprint keyboard fix? All the different carriers have slightly different keyboard layouts so the fix is needed to properly map everything.
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