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I'm running into the same problem as # 1 above. No suggestions for email or text messaging. WM6, Kitchen 071117_1, VistaHide Battery, BT A2DP, BT HID, BT BPP, 1-Calc, Sprint, ExRom Unlock, Add. Ringtones, Themes, Sounds, OneNote, Adobe Reader, Excel, Word, Kevtris, MsPacMan, Comm Manager, acb Power Meter, ClearTemp, DictEditor, dotFred Task Manager, FTouchFlo, Smartskey, WM5 New Menu, HTC Camera, Album, RDPM, IETools, PIEPlus, Esmetrec Jbed Java, BL Apple ITunes KB Skin, KidGixxer Adobe FlashLite 2.1, imnuts Google Maps, Finbox Menu Extensibility, HTC Performance, Oxios Memory, HTC Vogue Default Dialer, SD Card Support, HTC Touch Keyboard, Null keyboard, .NET 2, HTC Task Manager, Wireless Modem, Internt Sharing, Modem Link, HTC Home 2.0.814, Slide 2 Unlock .85, Advanced Config., Clock in Title Bar, MSFT Voice Command 1.6, and WIFIFoFum.

Any Suggestions. Skoarsk what are you running? I have added several new items since my last build and am just now noticing the problem.
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