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Re: Rhodium_W Stock Rom Thread

Originally Posted by Juggalo_X View Post
irritation would have been followed by ignoring the question, Seriously guys, asking to have then in exe format and noob friendly, pretty much means ready to flash to the device, its not that difficult.

I said: " If you have upp'd a rom to the ftp, post here and i will add it to the first post. Please try to upload them in a straight exe format and or pack them into an exe that runs the RUU. makes it easy as pie for the noobs "

RAW dump is not definitely not noob friendly, ZIP and or RAR files can be noob friendly or cannot, and .NB files are not noob friendly. and a loaner NBH isn't noob friendly really either. Given the fact that all the roms i have uploaded are in shipped format (they unpack and run the RUU for you) they are noob friendly. With that said 66% of TP2 devices have a leaked shipped rom, which is in exe format, and i have packed and cooked the telus dump into a EXE format rom flash utility. Common sense would dictate whats inside the packages lol

anyways enough with the argument of my irritation, you will know when i get there

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