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Need significant volume boost TP WM 6.5

I did a bit of a search here but didn't find much to help me with my problem so...

I've used the badboy audiopara3 file to improve the audio output on my TP with success in the past. I recently unlocked my TP and flashed on a really nice cooked WM 6.5 ROM. So far everything is working out well. However the earpiece speaker, main loudspeaker and earphone jack outputs are low. I thought, "No problem. I'll just replace the audiopara file with the one from badboy like I did last time." But I looked everywhere in the Windows directory and there is NO audiopara file there to be found! Huh?

I'm hearing impaired and this is a really big deal for me. Does anyone with WM 6.5 have a solution? Maybe the audiopara IS on my TP, but in another place, perhaps? Or???

Any help would be appreciated.
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