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Re: Want touch pro 2? want to disable slide out Qwerty keyboard? YES I DO!!!

So I am kind of upset about this. I got my TP brand new and have kept it in perfect condition. I unlocked it and had been running custom roms since March with no issues. This weekend my hardware keyboard stopped working on me. The first time i was able to fix with just a soft reset. The second time I had to power it off and take out the battery. Third time I did a hard reset to get it back. Finally it just gave out all together. So I figured maybe a new rom would work, nope still didn't fix it. So maybe back to sprint? I ordered a new one through advance exchange........realized I needed to relock the device. the keyboard is working again????? Should I take the refurb or attempt to cancel my order? I'm afraid if the ribbon is loose or something it may act up again. Any ideas?
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