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Finally dies...relock question!

My display must have finally died, I see absolutely nothing on it. Several hard resets, nothing, several soft resets, nothing. I never really got a chance to relock it after flashing that BS HTC Rom Update the other day, which is what I think gave my phone the swine flu. So what I did was connected the phone to my PC and it appeared that the active sync connected after 13 tries. I can not force bootloader mode, no way, no how. I went ahead and ran the relocker (Raphael CDMA relocker) anyway since my WMDC screen showed that I was connected. After 8 tries, my PC screen shows 100% completion. How can I be certain that the phone is actually locked before taking this piece of sheet to the Sprint store, hopefully for a replacement? Im assuming that without a visual display, they couldn't really tell if it was locked or not, correct?

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