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Re: Gmail Sync and Attachments?

Well... I've decided to disable gmail sync and go back to regular IMAP with the IMAP idle pusher service. Too many problems right now. There's quite a bit of delay at times. I'm also getting duplicates. Trash isn't mapped correctly in exchange, and still no attachments.

IMAP with the IMAP pusher service works perfectly (google has been running IMAP for quite some time now, so they've pretty much got it all worked out). Sometimes mail gets pushed to my phone so quickly that the email pops up on my phone before it shows up in thunderbird... on my computer

For those of you who would like to do the same and get your gmail pushed while we wait for google to work out the kinks in gmail sync... just uncheck the "E-Mail" box under your active sync settings. Then do the following steps:

Add your gmail account as a normal account. It's pretty self explanatory, but you can find directions here if you get confused along the way:

Make a directory in your program files folder and extract the files in the attached zip to that directory. Run the ImapPusherService.exe file from your phone and put in your information. Once that's done, your mail should push instantly and you'll get your attachments back.

To make sure the service starts every time, copy a shortcut to ImapPusherService.exe and paste it in your startup folder.

I've also found that I get better battery life by going into activesyc and changing the sync schedule to every 4 hours. Since you're only synching calendar and contacts (or one of them.. or neither of them) there's really no need to have it sync as new items arrive. Imap Pusher Service will take care of email separately and instantly (instead of synching contact, calendar, and email all at the same time) and you'll have less battery drain.

Let me know if this helps you guys out. Also let me know if you have any questions about the setup.
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