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Re: Apache Kitchen Update LZX

Drellisdee .... great job! I wasn't able to get the download of your 21054 to complete last night so I flashed my favorite 23414 ROM. The only change I made to the flashed ROM (besides using the newly updated folders you posted) was the exclusion of the Apache Sys file 19716 patches and I found a substantial system memory gain ... about 6mb. This ROM has numerous additional programs and features added in that I was unable to include prior to the LZX compression switch. After restoring 200 contacts and installing 3 cabs files I have 20.5mb of system and 25mb of storage memory. The old Apache runs fast and scrolls very smoothly. YouTube, IE, ... etc all worked perfectly. I was impressed when you first shared the tools to utilize LZX and I'm very impressed with the latest update!

This morning (Wed, Sept 30th) I finally was able to get the 21054 download to complete and I just flashed without any problems. I mirrored the selections used in 23414 and have found similar smooth operation and slightly more available memory.

I perfer 23414 probably for the fun factor up being able to use the latest available OS. Thanks for your efforts!

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