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Re: Apache Kitchen Update LZX

wewew and others,

All the manual setup stuff I posted above ... forget it as ppcgeeks member Lmiller1708 has automated the new build into the ppckitchen process ... link below:

I followed his simple instructions for setup and have found it to be a quick and easy way to setup new builds for use. His UpGradePPK_Builds program mirrors JJB's posted RAR's which make for simple cut and paste. The only additional step required to use lzx is to create a lzx *.BIN with LennySH's XIPKitchen and place it in the PPCKitchen_xxxxx_XIPs.rar with proper naming. Just used it fo flash 23049 with lzx.


be sure to thank Drellisdee, JooJooBee666, LennySH, and Lmiller1708 for their efforts! (Almost forgot to add LennySH for his XIPKitchen)

edit: just used it to flash to 23412 with lzx ... it really makes this easy

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