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Re: Apache Kitchen Update LZX


I'd review the steps you've taken in setting up your LZX ppckitchen and verify your spelling of file names as they need to match exactly... the following steps worked for me:

1. Download Drivers_Apache_new.rar, Apache_Core_Drellisdee_LZX.rar, and cecompr_nt.rar from post #1

2. Extract cecompr_nt.rar to desktop, I renamed my existing cecompr_nt.dll in C:\Program Files\\BuildOS\BuildOS to cecompr_nt_ORIG.dll then copied the new cecompr_nt.dll file from cecompr_nt folder on desktop into C:\Program Files\\BuildOS\BuildOS

3. Extract Apache_Core_Drellisdee_LZX.rar to Desktop. Copy new lzx .bin (in your case the downloaded/extracted apache_23041_lzx.bin (960.8kB) from post #9) into newly created desktop folder Apache_Core_Drellisdee_LZX\ROM . Click on folder Apache_Core_Drellisdee_LZX so that you can see to select/highlight all contents (Patches, ROM, SYS, apache.png, kitchen_config.txt), once all are selected/highlighted right click and select "Add to Apache_Core_Drellisdee_LZX.rar". When Apache_Core_Drellisdee_LZX.rar is completed cut and paste to C:\Program Files\\BuildOS\Kitchens

6. Place the Drivers_Apache_new.rar downloaded in step #1 into C:\Program Files\\BuildOS\Kitchens

7. Download and place attached Apache_WM6.1_LZX.txt into
C:\Program Files\\BuildOS\Projects\Groups\Devic eBases

8. Download and place attached WM6.5_96DPI_QVGA_LZX_23041_0409.txt into
C:\Program Files\\BuildOS\Projects\Groups\Build Bases

9. Start ppckitchen BuildOS process and select tab "Create a New Project", select on Apache_WM6.1_LZX.txt and WM6.5_96DPI_QVGA_LZX_23041_0409.txt, name your new project something like 23041_LZX and proceed with the BuildOS process. I used JooJooBee's 23041 ppckitchen files and with Drellisdee's lzx compression modifications is the best rom I've tried so far.

Hope it works for you!


Be sure to thank Drellisdee and JooJooBee for the work!
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