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having trouble loading the rom.. it hangs on the 1st boot screen..
i cooked up 3 roms and all of them seem to give this problem.i decreased the files in each one thinking i had an overcooked rom but it still hung there.. the initial htc screen didnt even goto the wm green screen. while cooking i cudnt find the reliance prj file so i loaded it from my previous wm6 helmi rom.. i had loaded the same prj file for a wm6 verizonguys rc1 rom so i can confirm that its working.. had to go back to that rom again to keep me on a ph.. thankfully the older one loaded fine now.
the problem i had was that the htc64 tool ..i had used to cook previous rom on this comp and it gave the older places to copy and get the nbk and fat16 files. i cud get the fat16 file from the rom folder but where do i save it .please specify the path as the tool doesnt remember anything. i even had to name the file as nk.nbf. as the name was also default.. however it encoded successfully but the buildOS tool gave an final error as nk.nbf file not found. then i manually placed the nk.nbf file which it saved to the noid ruu folder and ran the application . it loaded my rom till 100 pc and asked me to hard reset .but on hard resettign apart from the 1st screen with htc logo and the build and valus given nothing happened. tried soft resetting hard restting and all. but it wud alway give the same .. waited for sum time took out the battery n all but no avail.
please if u cud also load the reliance prj file which is missing in the tools folder. i have that working file but dont know where to upload it .
thanks ..
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