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Smile Which carriers will this newest version work on...?

Greetings from New England! As others have applauded... "Great Job" to each and every one of you that have contributed to the greater good of this growing collective!

Imagine... folks who wouldn't recognize each other in a crowded-of-one... eagerly working "side-by-side" yet, in most cases... WORLDS apart... for a single goal.

How kewl is that...?!

No soccer match, political race, or building construction could match the (literally) INTERNATIONAL team work that went into this.... you should ALL be proud of your efforts.

And that goes for the more pedestrian members of PPCGeeks, as well. If not for US... these talented few would only be talking to themselves. It is folks like us (the research volunteers, the foot soldiers of the battle.. the lab rats and test monkeys) who have been hovering over their shoulders, listening in on their conversations, trying out their handiwork... and reporting back what we found.

For the most part... it's the latter that helped to make this new and improved Kitchen what it is today. Without our collective ranting and suggestions, they would have had little to go on, save but for their own creative notions. Like folks who invest in tiny plots of land to save a historic battlefield... know that your personal input has no doubt helped to make this new Kitchen what it is!

For each and every one of us that contributed an observation or posted an inquiry... this is OUR Kitchen! We added to the mix... a pinch of herb here, a dash of salt there, a spoon full of sugar, a dollup of honey, (a little red wine on a slow simmer...). Eat hearty and enjoy!
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