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Re: Lcars/Star Trek Theme

for Vazguard,

sorry to be a pain, but I tonight replied to a posting you made last year on another forum that you may not see ..
I have pasted it here to see if you can help me out.

hi Vandoos,

I'm afraid I am too lacking in knowledge to offer any help ....
and since my posting is over 12 months later, I wonder if you are still subscribing to this thread.

if you are, then I too am seeking help ... and you may be my last faint hope
my searching around the web led me here, based on 'Orange plug-in' as search string.

here is my dilema:
I have an Orange branded HTC Trinity running WM 5 that I would wish to upgrade to WM 6 with Orange.
I have owned a Tytn II running Orange WM 6.1 (this had a far better Orange than WM 5 ver)
Orange never released a WM 6 rom for Trinity/SPV M700
none if the excellent roms at xda-developers inc, Orange branding

I have been unsucessfully searching for a WM 6 plugin, or cab file that will give me the full Orange Branding,
which I could then install onto my phone after flashing to WM 6.1

is the plug-in you mention in your posting what I am seeking ?
if so, would you be kind enough to let me know how to obtain it ?
here's hoping,
best regards,
(aged 65, not yet senile, enjoying tinkering with these modern devices)