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Re: Fed up with my Sprint Touch.

Mrgoodtunes is right on... i'm on my 3rd Touch... after about 6 months the mini usb becomes loose, causing the connection for charging to be very 'shakey' ... i have to wiggle and jiggle it and then very softly set it back down at the correct angle to make sure it stays charging...

I have awoke many a morning to an all night plugged in Touch/vogue only to have it dead or almost dead... one of the problems of having everything plug into it.

As others have said 12 hours to a day is all you get with this phone, if you turn things off (bluetooth, use GPS sparingly) change some settings (turn the screen brightness down, and the auto screen off down to it's lowest setting you) might squeeze out a bit more.

Overall there are a lot of things i like about the phone... and many more that i don't, i'm waiting for next month and seeing what new phones come out and what i can get on my Sero plan.