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Re: Fed up with my Sprint Touch.

Originally Posted by horndoctor View Post
Sounds like your battery life is normal for the stock battery. 12 hours or 1 day with a charge is about all you can expect. I got a Seidio2000 battery and love it. It really is what this phone should have from the get go. I think the stock battery was used because of it's thickness.Have you done a hard reset? I would bet that would take care of your problems. After the hard reset I recommend you get Phm regeditor and remove the biotouch entries in the registry to remove the cube. It will free up at least 5 megs of ram which will help things. Sorry to hear you are having problems.
I have done two hard resets, the last about 6 months ago. As for Phm regeditor, you went way over my head. As for the battery life, I remember it lasting longer. At least through the day and into the night. Now I am lucky to have 20% by the time I get home from work. My contract is up in February and I plan to switch to Verizon because 90 percent of the people I call have it. I just hope the Pro2 is cheap by then, or the Iphone will be "in"by then.

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