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Re: Official Titan built-in GPS Thread

Originally Posted by drewcam888 View Post
It is ok if the pri changes back to 2.03_002 from 1.35 when you install the custom rom. The problem lies when the pri is changed by MR1/2 install.
Did you set the qpst to the new address listed below.
No. I did see this post after I did the install. I used the same settings I have been using for the past 8 or 9 months. I'll try these to see if things speed up.


Edit: Updated the QPST settings. Locked 8 sats indoors in less than a minute!
Thanks again drewcam888.
Edit again: In the car GoogleMaps no longer requires priming and sats are locked consistently in less than 5 seconds. Wow!

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