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Re: Official Titan built-in GPS Thread

Originally Posted by drewcam888 View Post
You can't have gps with that pri. First downgrade here.
Verify your pri changed to 1.35xxx. If new pri is present unlock and go straight to custom. Do not install MR1 or MR2. If pri didn't changed. Reflash rom from link above.
There must be other factors. My PRI is 2.03_002 and I get GPS locks consistently, every time. It is slow, taking from 4 to 5 minutes to lock using HTC GPS Tool. After that I start GoogleMaps and GPS location works perfectly.

Mine is a refurb that I received from Verizon in late July. I unlocked, downgraded, installed Radio 3.42.50, installed a 6.1 custom ROM I had been using, went through the QPST ritual, set the registry under SUPL AGPS to mode 2, and was able to get locks in under 2 minutes. Apparently the reset of the PRI didn't "take" when I downgraded because it is currently 2.03_002. Since then I have installed various 6.5 ROMS from mattsm, bbsandkm, & btonetbone. With the 6.5 ROMS the locks take 4 to 5 mins. Less if I start the HTC GPS Tool at the same location where I shut it off and use "warm start". Another trick that speeds thing up is to start the HTC GPS Tool, let it run for about a minute (it won't have a lock at that point),stop it and then restart it. It will then usually lock in less than a minute.

This isn't as convenient as I have experienced with previous XV6800s in which the PRI was 1.35_xxx. Then I got locks in under 15 seconds. But it does work. The next time I flash a new ROM I will go through the downgrade process again and see if I can get the PRI to change. If so I will post an update on how the GPS works.

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