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Re: ORB finally integrated into TF3d2!!! Updated!

I don't know where things are at w/ the cab, but here's the detailed steps I followed (Almost exactly what they were in the first post, just with a little more detail, and a little better organized)
  • Install TotalCommander
  • Install FdcSoft TaskManager
  • Set up Manila TV Player (for Orb)
    • Install Manila TV VGA cab
    • Open “Task Manager” (FdcSoft Task Manager), go to RegEdit, then import Manila.reg
    • Create \Application Data\Manila TV Player
    • Copy logos_en-us to \Application Data\Manila TV Player
    • Edit 26948339_manila file by copying it to computer from \Windows on the device, then adding in this entry below <Page Order=”11” with Notepad:
i. <Page Order="12" Name="" PackageName="HTC" Title="[[IDS_MANILATV]]" ExternalScriptPath="HTC\Scripts\manilatv.luac">
<ComponentReference Name="page" Mode9Path="HTC\favorites.mode9" Component="GizmoRoot" SmartComponent="true" />
<ComponentReference Name="icon_normal" Mode9Path="HTC\manilatvicons.mode9" Component="ManilaTV_Off" />
<ComponentReference Name="icon_selected" Mode9Path="HTC\manilatvicons.mode9" Component="ManilaTV_On" />
<ComponentReference Name="icon_preview" Mode9Path="HTC\manilatvicons.mode9" Component="ManilaTV_Preview" />
    • Copy 26948339_manila file back to \Windows using TotalCommander
    • Add channels into 3ABBF71F_manila (find .asx link to each channel)
    • Copy channels file back to \Windows
    • Soft reset phone

Thanks for this, it's AWESOME!

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