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Re: Sprint Touch Pro 2 Specs released

Originally Posted by jethro_static View Post
R u tryin to say that when touch pro 2 from sprint comes out, U just need to put in Tmo or ATT's sim and it will work? And ur 8830 does the same thing?

Edit: Yeah, When I looked at the topic again, It is not imposible to run any GSM carrier on a world phone as long as it's unlocked. No arguement on that as what I mentioned here:

*Once U have unlock the GSM side of the CDMA/GSM aka world phone, U can only put a sim in there and use it for a GSM carrier like T-mo and ATT* So if ur saying that it will be released unlocked, He don't need to unlock it himself.

But the point of the dude is to buy a GSM TP2 and run it on Sprint. That's the point of my post stating that he got it twisted. Even if he ask Sprint for a SIM card, It will not run on Sprint directly. That SIM will use a GSM tower. That GSM tower will then charge Sprint for the service used, which will cost him more money than just subscribing to a GSM carrier.
Not disagreeing with you, just pointing to a finer and important detail on the history of sim lock policy on Sprint vs Verizon CDMA+GSM handsets.

My point was while overseas, you can put any sim in Sprint "Worldphones" but cannot on the same Verizon model.

Otherwise I agree, when it comes to using non Sprint phones n Sprint, first Sprint wont allow CDMA phones not on their ESN list to run on their CDMA system.
Second, running a Sprint GSM sim in the US would be insanely expensive.
Thirdly it is possible/likely that on the US CDMA branded versions GSM 900 and 1800 will be enabled but that GSM 850 and 1900 will be disabled.
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