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Re: Upgrade Windows 6.1 to 6.5

Originally Posted by Biker1 View Post
Go to >

and look at ForceCellConnection
If it says Sprint, you should be fine.
If it says Phone as Modem, then you need to download the Internet Sharing cab.
You can also just tether to your pc and see if the connection on your device says "SPRINT"
If it does, you're ok.
But check the registry to make sure using a Registry Editor such as
DotFred Task Manager 3.1 or one of your choice. Then you can tether to your pc and see if the connection says SPRINT.
Most include the Internet Sharing reg edit in their ROM but you can check by doing the above.
Ok well when I am connected to the internet and I go under connection settings on my phone it says that what your talking about? I don't know what HKLM stands for...but I am using the intxROM 2.5 [WM 6.1 Manilla 2.1]
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