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Verizon Ozone flashed to Cricket HTML MMS working

I have fully flashed my Verizon Ozone over to Cricket. I put a post below with a link to Howard Forums if you need help doing this.

Today I went from Cricket WAP with a Proxy to full HTML

I had Cricket change my Ozone from a User Provided Phone to a Motorola Evoke QA4. I had them add the HTML Data for $15 a month. It may take a little work to get them to do this as this is a new feature for that phone.

I went into Settings - 7. More... - 1. Connections - 5. Proxy : and deleted the Cricket Proxy profile I had added.
I can now sync my Yahoo email through Cricket instead of only wi-fi. I'm testing out the few web browsers I have on my phone.

EDIT - Ok seams that some pages are friendly without the proxy and some aren't. Still working to find out which ports were opened up.
Web pages that will load without Proxy

Yahoo POP3
Ozone Today weather

EDIT - Added Proxy back and did a speed check. Im at 507 and use to be 180.

HTC Imagio flashed to Cricket with full HTML MMS Slingplayer
Check out my Proxycap wi-fi fix
Check out my Moto Q Photoshow

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