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Talking Re: Official Titan built-in GPS Thread

Originally Posted by drewcam888 View Post
You can't have gps with the pri. First downgrade here.
Verify your pri changed to 1.35xxx. If new pri is present unlock and go straight to custom. Do not install MR1 or MR2. If pri didn't changed. Reflash rom from link above.

Why is it so hard for you to read the above posts and see that your pri is the problem. I have posted it more than once.
Dude. Chevy. Stay calm. I appreciate your help.

Okay, so it's like this. I've read about 1000 posts in the last few days, most of them more than once or twice. Don't worry, I paid careful attention to "the above posts". In fact, you said,

Originally Posted by drewcam888
Check the pri before unlokcing and installing custom. Is the pri 1.35_002? If no what is the rom and radio versions?
And David said,

Originally Posted by DavidinCT
When it went back to WM 6.0 after relock, it was 1.35 or something close to that, I was watching.
SO, you never said if 1.35_002 was a good number to have, or a bad number to have. That is why I included my PRI number when I posted my question. Now that you've told me it is the necessary number, I went back to work, and I've spent all morning getting deeper into a hole.

Mind you, I tried to do all this before, and everything was greatly successful except my PRI number, as you've graciously pointed out. I started with a 'normal' phone, so I'm not sure at what step the bad PRI was injected into the phone.

Starting again, my first step was to relock and go back to stock Verizon rom, as in the aforementioned thread. And then I did the thing I've done before, unlock, except this time it was forever stuck in 1.20 olipro. I can't remember exactly which order it was in now since it was 4 hours ago, but I finally got 2.40 olipro to stick, and also I got radio 3.42.50 to stick. Of course, the stock verizon rom with the new radio wasn't happy, it wouldn't boot past the splash screen (as expecteed) and that got me stuck for some time again because it did not like loading ROMs. After successfully loading some sprint stock image, and not letting customizations run (as I read in another thread) I got it to sucessfully load my kitchen ROM (21042), and it looked like everything was going to work perfectly, but now when it boots it gets stuck on the splash screen and says No Radio. WTF mate, where did the radio go? I just had it!

Now I'm in the current situation, and I can use the RUU to load various NBH files:
Flashing SPL 2.47 (HardSPL) or 1.06 (TitanRelock) appears to work, but 2.40.olipro has a stubborn grip.
Flashing the stock VZW rom gets to 11% and then Titan reboots.
Flashing cooked rom 21042 is successful, but of course contains no radio.
Flashing the 3.42.50 radio gets to 8% and then Titan reboots.
Anything that requires ActiveSync connection doesn't work since it won't boot.
I've been using USB for everything, since I'm without an SD card reader.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything important, I have carefully spent spent a LOT of time on this recently and can't recall all the details anymore, they are starting to blur together. Any new suggestions?
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