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Re: A question about nfsfan's 6.5 upgrade

personally im kinda knew overall but have had a pda forever. I was iffy on flashing a new rom but really wanted the 6.5 so i just dove into it. get the unlocker and unlock your phone first. then just sync up your phone to Active Sync and download the RRU for whatever rom you want to try and follow the directions on the screen. The toughest part of it all was unlocking but if ya follow the directions to the tee then youll be fine. I have been using JT's 21806 rom and it has a link to get the 2.31 Unlocker and its really not that hard. A nice thing for JTs roms also is that its set for Verizon automatically so you dont have to download any carrier cabs. It definatly made my Verizon XV6900 more than the phone i changed from and better ( i changed from an alltel 6900 to this verizon one which was a shell of what the alltel one was because verizon left out the extras but this site is amazing to find whatever you wanted for this great divice ).. I hope this helps some for ya, just dive in and do it. Just beware youll get addicted trying new roms.
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