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Re: PDAJ's Clean WM6.5 ROM 4 Apache

webdaddy, that's the same behavior I saw on Vista. Strange..

I get no data connection, and an error "Cannot connect with current connection settings. To change your connection settings, tap settings."

UPDATE: I just added a modem connection for my carrier (Sprint) using #777 as the number to dial and I have a data connection now. I guess when I built with the Kitchen and selected Sprint as my carrier, that was done for me automatically.

Start / Settings / Connections / Connections / Add a new modem connection / Next / #777 / Next / leave everything blank / Finish / click Save Password when given the opportunity

UPDATE: Plugged the phone into power only (not PC-connected) overnight to recharge battery and phone was locked this morning with the right-top amber indicator LED on solid, not blinking. Rebooting a few times only got me as far as seeing a band across the top of the screen that holds the battery, speaker, etc. symbols. I had set up Exchange ActiveSync, my data connection with Sprint, Yahoo Mobile 3, and WMWiFiRouter. A hard reset cleared it, but it was still sluggish for a while after that.

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