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Originally Posted by Existentialism View Post
Are the sprint extra just items I can remove from startup? I really don't want to use a custom ROM.
like i stated above,
Originally Posted by gxnext View Post
well.. then how can we go about removing the sprint extras that we don't need.... i remember doing this on the 6700... but I don't remember how...well now that I think about it I think I had to hard reset the phone, and just before the phone starts installing sprints extras you do a soft reset. and then afterwards i had to manually install the recommended cab files. but I don't know whats necessary or recommended for the 6800 nor do I know how to extract the cab files just n case.... but I'll look into figuring it out, or finding a way. if whats not necessary can increase the memory ANY its worth figuring out lol.
again,i think you have to do a hard reset and stop them from being installed. only problem is i think u need to manually install some of more necessary ones, if its anything like the way its done on the 6700 the phone will still work without the sprint extras installed, you just have to manually configure your internet settings, I don't really remember anything else being a issue. but I would recommend having all the sprint extra cab files just ncase they are needed for the 6800... whatever the case you can always hard reset again. but I believe removing some of those startup items can improve the memory a little bit aswell... I've removed all of them except "poutlook" and "voice command" (voice command im tempted to remove because im finding i hardly ever use it)

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