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WM6 sucks up 44mb of RAM after hard restart? wtf???

I practically know pocket pc's inside out but I was looking in the "device information" on the ppc and something is puzzling me:

OS Memory: 16.77
Program Memory:47.23
Free:19.54 the bat WM6 uses 16.77 plus 27.69

Ok heres my issue, what is the "OS memory"??? My assumption was this is what WM6 uses for start up apps, etc but what from a fresh hardset would use and ADDTIONAL 27.69MB on top of the 16.77MB?????? No start up apps or anything installed....So that means WM6 uses in total 44.46MB out of 64MB???? WTF IS IT LOADING THAT IT HAS TO USE 44MB??????

Could someone please explain this I'm so confused

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