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Re: Question regarding Inbox subfolders

Originally Posted by Vlip3 View Post
This is not really an issue but rather a question. I've noticed this with ALL ROMS I've flashed (including stock) so I don't think it has anything to do with the ROM but maybe one of you gurus can explain it to me.
I have gmail and I've created filters with labels so I can more quickly access my e-mail messages. On my TP, when I select the e-mail tab (TF3D) and press the Inbox button, I get a list of all my messages that are in my inbox. If I touch the drop-down arrow next to "Inbox" at the top left, I get a list of subfolders with names that correspond to the gmail filters but they are all empty. All my messages always wind up in my Inbox folder.
The question is, if these folders are created by Outlook mobile, why doesn't it put the messages into these folders and if it isn't going to put the messages into these folders, why bother creating them.


simple answer is that gmail uses "labels" which best translate to "folders" in outlook. you are using imap yes? make sure you tools, manage folders and select the additional folders you want to synch. this will get ugly though. hard to explain but you'll see it after a few emails.

when it comes down to it gmail and outlook don't play well and tht is by design courtesy of google.
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