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Re: WeatherPanel Freaks: WeatherPanel Program Download Updated 01/03/2009

Originally Posted by tcbusch View Post
Here is the fixed dll that works.

A little over a year ago I recieved an email telling me that was going to require authentication. At that time I knew WeatherPanel was going to stop working when this policy was enforced. I thought about how to overcome this issue and created a webserver redirection scheme that would embed the auhentication into the url query that weatherpanel sends to Ihave been sitting on the code for over a year waiting for the day that arrived earlier in the week. I explained the details of the fix a few posts ago.
Anyways, I implimented my fix on a server to verify it worked. I sent the files to, not sure if the owner wants to be known so I'll just say thanks!! He and I both tested it and it works too. So here it is. I believe Storyr will be creating new cabs and posting them on this thread. For those of you who dont want to wait just disable your weatherpanel plugin, which is probably already disabled, and replace the weatherpanel.dll with this one. Its located in your Program Files/ Marsware/Weatherpanel directory.

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