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Originally Posted by JD8052 View Post
First off I’d like to thank you so much for getting rid of the many unnecessary applications installed onto the WM6 upgrade. I’ve only had one problem just now, the MiniSD cannot be found, I'm not sure if it's because of this Clean ROM or just the OS itself. It was recognized just fine earlier, but now it stopped working after about 6hours of use.
It’s only showing (in file browsers and Memory under Settings):
Any ideas as to why, or should this post be relocated to another thread?
Thanks Again!
The "Clean" ROM shouldn't have anything to do with it, as for all of the original OS files have been left in tact. This has been known to be sort of a problem once in a while with Windows Mobile devices and a proper solution hasn't quite been reached yet. How about when you remove the SD card and re-insert it, does it come back, or do you have to soft-reset? Also, what is the brand and size of the SD card you are using? Thanks for your question, hopefully we can get this solved for you.
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