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Re: Official Titan built-in GPS Thread

I cannot get GPS to work on my newly acquired Titan with a PPCkitchen WM 6.5 21501. I made sure to select "GPS" from the Rev drop-down box. I installed Olipro 2.40 bootloader and Radio 3.42.50 prior to loading the ROM.

I have taken the steps using QPST listed here:

And the External GPS settings listed here:

I've also tried the |||bored||| GPS fix originally for the Touch Pro:

I'm noticing the ROM listed in the kitchen's 21501 build is 3.0.666.1 (or something similar) when the PPCgeeks site says 3.16.651.0 is the minimum which can be used. However, the XDA developers site says that with the edits made using QPST, any ROM can be used. I'm also pretty surprised the ROM number for a 6.5 is lower than the stock 6.1...

I have the VZW stock WM 6.1 ROM (3.57.605.1) and radio 3.37.75 and tried to use those as well with no luck.

So, no GPS with's 6.5 21501, and no GPS with the stock 6.1 ROM...any ideas for what I can do to make this thing work?
Titan/6800, WM 6.5 21501, Radio 3.42.50, nueSPL 2.47, GPS
(Much thanks to the team!)

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