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Re: WMWiFiRouter on TP2

Originally Posted by Edanco55 View Post
Hello everyone. I have a question that is killing me. I was able to tether on my treo pro 850 via bluetooth on my mac (Sprint). I got the new HTC touch pro 2 on sprint. I can not tether anymore. I hear there is a third party application i can buy, however i will still need to download some sort of cabs call ics or something like that. I also hear that the HTC pro 2 can't tether yet but that i should wait until someone unlock it. THEN WE All can tether via USB and Bluetooth.

1. Can someone address my first question. is it possible to tether on my Sprint HTC pro 2? How can i do it? If so, Could you post the steps and the things i need in order to do it. I do not know much so please bare with me.

2. Should i wait until the HTC pro 2 get unlocked like the HTC Pro 1 did?

Thank you in advance and i am sorry for the long post. I was reading all the post regarding this issue and i can't figure it out.


1. From one Sprint user to another, yes. You can do it using THIS cab. It's the HTC WiFi Router cab. I've also installed the Stealth Tethering cab located HERE. I don't think you need the latter to tether using HTC WiFi Router but I have it installed in case I want to tether via wire.

Once installed, just look in "All Programs" for an app titled, "Wi-Fi Router." Have your laptop/desktop look for a network labeled "WiFi Sharing" then when your laptop/desktop attemtps to connect and asks for a password, enter "1234567890" and you're good to go. Also, make sure you follow the onscreen prompts on your handheld as well.

I just tethered my buddies new mac last night. I'm an editor, he is a producer who was sitting at a desk behind me while I was working and I had my phone sitting next to me still having my own emails and messages/tweets coming through. It was awesome.

2. No. You can be tethering today.
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