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Re: Alltel Titan Issues resolved for me...

I would try getting the new release that updates it to WM 6.1 it was released in october this year, go to

this is for the alltel ppc6800...

I have my phone tweaked now beyond recognition.. htc home plugin + customizer, Second Today screen,weather plugins, registry tweaks, volume tweaks, PocketCM+Imageviewer+keyboard, MusicID, TONS OF GAMES. and much more..... but all of this with only that every 10th incoming call hang. I reach over every hours or so expecting the phone to be froze, or for it to be asking for my password that won't work...
but it's not. I thought this phone was a lost cause.

Another thing, as far as signal goes this phone is not intended for out of city life, I work around a 9 county area and it dropped calls way more than my razr so I got that wilson 24" antenna.. and I can't believe the places I go now!!

Friend of mine was really getting annoying with her G1.... I got her now!

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