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Exclamation Oh, man... I could really use some help. HTC Sense Issues!

I put the Synergy 3Dvo Rls 1 on my Evo 3D a good while back. I never updated it, because I don't know how. Now, a TON of apps had to be updated last week, so I hit Update All. Ever since I did that, HTC Sense restarts about ever minute or two. I'm unable to use any apps other than the stock browser and YT. If I try using any other apps, they jusy shut themselves off, and I get a black OR white screen that says HTS SENSE. Even when my 3vo is just sitting there, the screen will turn on, and HTC Sense will restart.

I have uninstalled most of my apps, and I'm still having this issue. Has anyone run into this problem before?
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