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6 month Pre update

I bought the Pre the second week it came out and after going through 3 of them in a week due to quality control issues (slider had wayy too much play in one, microphone didn't work in another) I had been pretty happy with it. Yes, the edges of the top half scrapes against the edges of teh keyboard as well as marking the mirror, but I accepted that for teething problems in an otherwise really great device.

I have had almost a dozen smartphones, and the Pre is hands down the best all around phone I've had (including fiddling with iphones). However, in the past month, my phone has had random slowdowns, call dropping, shuts down without warning and the earphone jack cuts out if I move the plug any amount. I think this is a clear cut case of the phone just not being very durable long term.. which is troubling as honestly, my HTC Touch is still in pretty good shape for using it a year.

Thankfully many of my issues were covered under the factory limited year warranty, so after jumping through some hoops at the local service facility, I got a brand spankin new one! If it starts to go bad again, I'm going to push for a switch to a new phone but otherwise the new phone does not have the issues my six month old Pre had.. I still really like the phone, but to be honest the QC issues with such a short usage span has kind of left a bad taste in my mouth and I find myself jealously eyeing my friends' Motorola Droids (with multi-touch patch).