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RitchTouchPro2 05-08-2011 10:12 PM

ZUNE Back Up
Here is the issue. Allowed my bro to use my Lappy to download ZUNE to install updates on his Samsung windows 7 phone. Before he did this I had nearly 4gigs free on the C drive. After he did the install (which took 2 hours for some reason) The phone updates were worthless. So he uninstalled ZUNE. My system is now showing less then a 800megs free space. It should have went back to the prior number. I am thinking it did a back up of his phone. But if it did..I can not find it. I noted that in the ZUNE settings it claimed it kept almost 2gigs available for back up. If that is the case..the uninstall should have dealt with that..( systems as been rebooted 5 times since removing it) Samsung Windoze 7 cell...IBM A31 with Windows XP.. any ideas where the folder might be hiding? If it did do a back.

mindfrost82 05-09-2011 11:18 AM

Re: ZUNE Back Up
Anytime Zune does an update it backs up the phone...and it does it for each update.

Have you checked in C:\Program Files\ for Zune or Microsoft Zune? If its there and the app is uninstalled, then delete the whole folder.

Also run something like CCleaner to delete all of your temp files. It might have saved the updates in a temp folder too.

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