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da_reeseboy 07-16-2010 10:40 PM

Snapdragon 1GHz + WM6.5.3 + CDMA (verizon) anyone interested?
LG has recently released a Windows Mobile 6.5.3 phone running a snapdragon 1GHz processor and on CDMA networks - Verizon. It really shocks me that there really isn't much interest in this phone yet, tho it was only released a month ago or so. More than that, its cheap - $99 at Best Buy with contract. It would be awesome if enough interest in this phone was developed that we actually saw a HArdSPL and ROMs for it.

Review - http://wmpoweruser.com/lg-fathom-reviewed/
Specs - http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=2464

I know that this has been mentioned a few times already, but not in this area of the forum which I personally feel is more of the appropiate area - its an "other" phone, so here is where it belongs for now.

da_reeseboy 07-20-2010 10:13 PM

Re: Snapdragon 1GHz + WM6.5.3 + CDMA (verizon) anyone interested?
I noticed that this got a few views, tho no one responded. For those that are curious, I should be getting a fathom tomorrow, and from what I'm told we don't need a HardSPL for LG devices. All we will need is a complete stock ROM (not a dumped ROM, but the complete installer from LG) to be able to flash custom ROMs. If I am wrong please correct me. I don't have the knowledge to get this running but as soon as its possible to flash our own ROMs I will be making some.

Please let me know here if you are interested in me updating.

Edit: here is where I am getting my info:

eatbuckshot 08-08-2010 02:41 AM

Re: Snapdragon 1GHz + WM6.5.3 + CDMA (verizon) anyone interested?
I actually was immediately surprised, albeit pleasantly, when I stumbled upon this phone in the very back of the vzw store. Thinking it was another slow unresponsive wm 6.5 phone I picked it up just for fun to play with, but was shocked at the speed, but no wonder a snapdragon, finally, a verizon winmo phone with it... So i Immediately got it, for an awesome $0.01 from amazonwireless as an upgrade from my tp2. It's essentially my Tp2 with a snapdragon, truly the missing component that would have made it so good (and a little more ram for comfort) and actually fun to use. Though I have to hand it to HTC for the very sensitive touch screen and hardware keyboard along with a little more luxurious casing.

Anyways I'd love to have an LG Fathom forum created for us.

I recently just updated from v4 to v5 using lg's utility and i'd have to say it seems overly complicated. It took me too tries. I feel it's unnecessary to have to install their entire update software, with perhaps custom usb drivers.. I'm not sure about the HardSPL, but it does have the screen where it says not to unplug or cancel the rom update download on the phone, so the spl screen i suppose

da_reeseboy 08-08-2010 03:19 PM

Re: Snapdragon 1GHz + WM6.5.3 + CDMA (verizon) anyone interested?
I just did the V5 upgrade too... I definitely like the Office 2010 mobile on it. The cab install of that worked fine but took up alot of space. So far its running really nicely.

+1 for a Fathom forum.

da_reeseboy 08-09-2010 07:25 AM

Re: Snapdragon 1GHz + WM6.5.3 + CDMA (verizon) anyone interested?
Did you notice the media player controls on the lock screen?

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