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kyderr 10-23-2012 10:39 AM

I am posting the Specs on the 8x Phone. I refuse to call it the ridiculous official name of Windows Phone 8X HTC.

This is supposedly the better of the two 8 Series phones, but your results may vary. This "better" phone has NO MicroSD Slot. I have no idea who thought that was a good idea, but it's NOT. The 8S DOES have one. I guess "They" think that all our data will be in the "Cloud" and under their control. Non removeable battery as well.

Stole this information from HTC:
Windows Phone 8X by HTC Overview - HTC Smartphones

Windows Phone 8X by HTC

Size: 132.35 x 66.2 x 10.12 mm

Weight: 130 grams with battery

Display: 4.3 inch touch screen with Gorilla® Glass 2

Resolution: HD 720p

CPU Speed

Qualcomm® S4 1.5 GHz, Dual-core
SIM card type MicroSIM
Total storage: 16 GB, available capacity varies
Size (LxWxT) 132.35 x 66.2 x 10.12 mm


4.3 inch super LCD 2 touch screen with HD 720p resolution
Gorilla® Glass 2


GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
HSPA/WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz


Internal GPS antenna with GLONASS


Digital compass
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor


3.5 mm stereo audio jack
NFC capable
Bluetooth® 3.1
Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

Sound enhancement

Studio-quality sound with Beats Audio™ built in
Enjoy bigger sound and superior fidelity with exclusive built-in amp

Main Camera

8 megapixel camera with auto focus, LED flash, and BSI sensor (for better low-light captures)
F2.0 aperture and 28mm lens
1080p video recording
Dedicated HTC ImageChip

Front Camera

Capture more with the ultra-wide-angle front camera
2.1 megapixel front camera
1080p front camera video recording
F2.0 aperture
Dedicated HTC ImageChip


Audio supported formats:
Playback: .aac, .amr, .m4a, .mp3, .wav, .asf, .wma (verison 9 and 10)
Recording: .wav (w/OneNote)

Video supported formats:
Playback: .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, m4v, asf, .wmv (version 9 and 10)
Recording: .mp4


Embedded & rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery
Capacity: 1800 mAh

AC adapter

Voltage range/frequency: 100 ~ 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
DC output: 5 V and 1 A

Riley 10-24-2012 10:54 AM

Re: Specs
Looks good kyderr. I like the fact that it's still a 4.3" display. Not too big or too small.

schettj 10-27-2012 09:43 AM

Re: Specs
8x and lumia 920: no storage expansion, no swappable batteries. I've been living with the HTC Titan's 16gb since the summer, it's fine as long as you don't put media on it :p

The Ativ S has expandable storage.

Nokia's got the best camera and LTE support. This could be your deal maker/breaker.

LTE on the 8X or Ativ? apparently not.

kyderr 10-30-2012 02:46 PM

Re: Specs
Big V said today, Ativ is coming.. But what is the Odyssey
Verizon to roll out two Windows Phone 8 devices for Thanksgiving - latimes.com

schettj 10-31-2012 08:03 PM

Re: Specs
It's just the Ativ S for Vz.

kyderr 11-01-2012 09:39 AM

Re: Specs
But the specs are different. Different size screen for example.

siennaamelia81 07-08-2013 03:18 AM

Re: Specs
HTC 8X, would be the lesser storage, most leverage in their features. But has some higher version mobile. Was not much aware of HTC, I am being a Nokia Lumia 920 user. Happy with it.

rvgammill 07-28-2013 01:49 PM

Re: Specs
I bought the new Sprint version yesterday- it is the 8XT. No expansion slot for SD and only about 4GB for media storage. It replaced my old Touch Pro/Pro 2. It's also Large, and no holster was available yet at Sprint Store. I am hoping to find a good Phone as Modem app. Shared Internet seguees into Sprint Service adds handily.
2014-12-1 Still got it, 64Gb SD stretches the limits, still no decent holster, Voicemail notifications don't but generally a fine phone. GPS turn-by-turn and media/communications via Bluetooth simultaneously with phone overriding GPS overriding Media. I will never get 8.1 with it, it seems. Sprint insurance has replaced the two I ran over and lost. Windows Phone 8 pretty much does it all and HTC is a great handset maker.

rvgammill 10-19-2013 11:10 AM

Re: Specs
Kinda quiet around here. Same old headlines as last summer. I was the last post on 8XT. I will turn out the lights when Elvis leaves the building...

Ah, anyway, found the unadvertised SD slot. Still no accessories except the armor I found at purchase. Still happier with Windows Phone than the iPhone universe.

MS is building lots of Apps, but nothing like anything to manage your home thermostat or watch the baby monitor (look, nanny's shaking the baby pretty hard there. wow, man, I hope everything is cool.) as iPhone has.

I found and am about to experiment with Tether X, which sounds more like a WiFi solution.

Just installed the new updated Win8.1 on laptop, and the MS universe is going through major overhaul. It is getting more cohesive than the days of WinMo6.5 and still basically free of charge.

HTC and Sprint are not very supportive of WP8. I was about to leave Sprint after my ancient TP keyboard died in service a few weeks after Sprint 4G rollout service interruptions had me bouncing the loyal TP2 off my desk rather briskly. I knew it was not my phone, but sometimes you just want to break something. Sprint brought in the 8XT that very week.

I worked for STA on the 4G rollout. Telecom industry is not a very sharp sword, but they kept me busy for 15 months.

Cutter Vic wishing, Good luck to all! ...to All ...to all ...to-all ...t-wall ...2 ah ...2wa ...2 ...t

Er-r-r-r-r... snick -e-e-eek. Clunk. Clip Clop clip clop clip clah clih clah cli cul ci cah ci ca c...

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