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blackghost1010 07-29-2019 11:28 PM

How to make a backup image of flash
I have two handheld with different firmware and software but the hardware's identical, is there away to make a backup of the internal drive to be used as a backup and flash onto both systems. Is there away to do a full system backup and install?

No manufacture support is available for this device.

DarkwarrioR0 09-05-2019 09:47 PM

Re: How to make a backup image of flash
If the hardware is identical you should be able to download the rom from either of these devices and then flash it, of course you need a computer to do it and the appropriate software, that is suitable for your device. For example for my hp ipaq hx4700 which I used for lots of my own winmo 6.1 rom modifications, I would use the mtty11a.exe tool or the bootloader.exe to flash the image (which basically uses the mtty11a.exe to do the job).

To flash an image all what had to be done was to put the rom in the same folder where that tool is and then just type in the image name into the cmd like window (once the pda is in bootloader mode and connected to computer via usb) followed by .nb0 which was the rom's extention.

Of course flashing wasn't the only option, there was also a download command, but I forgot what it was. I do remember that the rom backup was only possible onto an sd card that is inserted in the pocket pc, not to the pc. One would use the pc to tell the pocket pc to backup the rom onto the sd card. Oh and it uses some odd format, if any format at all, which was of course unreadable in my pc (or the pocket pc itself, once it's booted in normal mode). Fortunately that doesn't matter because flashing the rom back was really easy, all what had to be done is to put the the sd card in and then boot the pda into bootloader. Didn't even need the computer for that one.

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