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Re: Keyboard sliding sound?

Originally Posted by xtatic View Post
does anybody know how to enable keyboard sliding sound on TP? like a reg edit or something i tried messing around but was unable to get results.

any help would be great

You need to do the following using a registry editor:

Go to the \\HKLM\Software\HTC\SlidingSound key -

Change to read as follows -

ActiveSlidingSound = 0 (tells it which string value to use - in this case 0)
SlidingSoundEffect = 1 (tells it to turn Sliding Sounds on)

Then, add a new key under SlidingSound called 0 (thats zero) so it would be -


You don't need 1 or 2 - those are just keys for alternate sounds.

Then under 0 - add 3 new STRING VALUES

Default - with a DATA field of what you want the theme to be - I entered Star Trek

in - with the IN sound. I entered Slider0_in.wav

out - with the OUT sound. I entered Slider0_out.wav

Save and EXIT.

Use two slider sounds mentioned above. You can use any sound you like, just name them the same as its listed in the registry. Put them in the Windows directory on your Touch Pro.

Once the sounds are there and the registry is edited, reboot your phone. Things should work just fine!

Here's the original thread:

Credit goes to "levelbest" on SprintUsers.
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