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S3 Cube - New Cube compatible with v3 ROMS

Spunks3's S3 Cube

EDIT: ( 5/23/2008 ) I Have added the S3 Cube Edit Application that can be downloaded at the bottom of this post along with the S3 Cube. I have also added Icon Pack 1, its small but it will fill that last side for now. more to come soon!

Okay, this was a couple of days in the making and it is my first attempt at making a cube for the Vogue so be nice. The reason i put this together was becuase i really liked Polen's Vista Cube 2.0 and once the new Roms with GPS and REV-A came out it wouldnt work correctly. Thanks to Musicman247 there was a fix found and he updated his WONDERFUL Cubes.

I would actually like to take this time and give a HUGEEEE thanks to Musicman247's tutorial on how to make/skin cubes becuase it helped a lot in my process. Also to Polen for creating the Vista Cube 2.0 to give me this idea.

Anyway, now to the good stuff...

When you press the button in it looks like the button is actually being pressed into the phone.

I have created 2 versions of this Cube as you will see below.

the first only has 3 sides. NO Media Hub ( i didnt like it, i like more buttons as you can see)

the second has 4 sides, i left one blank becuase i will be making more icons in the future and i actually use that last side for internet favorites myself.

NOTE: THE CUBE HAS BETTER QUALITY IMAGES, when i made the Gif file it downgraded the image quality for some reason.

as you notice i did not make the buttons part of the animations becuase well i just wanted to get this out ASAP, if there is a HUGGGE request for it i can fix it up so it will have the buttons as the cube turns as well.

i left it like this so that you can change the apps when i release new icon packs. - this might take a while becuase the cube is basically one giant gradiant (goes from dark (bottom left hand corner) to light (top right hand corner)) i will have a special request format ongoing in this thread - i will explain in the next post or two...

Below i have attatched the two different CAB installers, the blank .BMP images so people can make their own icons if they want, and also some .PSD files in case you have photoshop.

I would also like to say that some of the buttons on the cube will not work unless you have certian apps installed:

Bluetooth= moBlue
IM= Oz Messenger
Live Search= Live Search
GMaps= Google Maps
Java=Jbed (from the newest 3.02 kitchen)

Here is a list of what apps the cube uses:
OZ Messenger
File Explorer (generic WM)
Pocket Xcell
Pocket Word
Communications Manager
HTC Photo Album
Pocket PowerPoint
Bubble Breaker
Live Search
Google Maps
Internet Sharing
Sprint TV
HTC Camera
HTC Voice Recorder
Windows Media Player

NOTE: if you are using the Alltel rom and want to uninstall this RUN THE INSTALLER AGAIN. it will tell you it needs to uninstall the previous version, it will give you a failed message, but continue anyway. at the end it will fail but you will have to soft reset and it will be uninstalled.

Anyway, If you like this cube hit the Thank's button and if you REALLY like this cube feel free to donate lol...

anyway i hope all the sweat and tears pays off

Donations Here anythingis appreciated
NEW Spunks3's S3 Cube here
Spunks3's HTC Cube Icons Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack3
Spunks3's Icons for Polen's Vista Cube 2.0 Packs, Small Pack
S2U2 Transparent-like Clock here

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