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Re: [ROM] MyCleanImagio-21874 May/3rd [Build 1.9]

Just as information about the themes at the Cab Repository:

The "MyCleanImagio - Theme xxxxxxxxx" cabs available at the cab repository will replace the current VZW.tsk files and after installing the cab, all settings should be applied already (as long as VZW is activated as your current theme, if it is not... you do need to activate it to see it), the goal is to really replace the one that comes with the rom already, providing a different "look/feel".... the cab will mod Phone Canvas, Lockscreen, VZW.tsk references/jpg's, Sense wallpaper, Today wallpaper, and Color settings, notifications/selectors jpg's. It will not change your taskbar icons! (There are a couple different taskbar cabs at the cab repository as well, they will replace your taskbar icons only)
If you decide to try them:

1-) Make sure VZW is your current theme activated.
2-) Make sure to install it to device memory.

Mini F.A.Q. (lol)
They do take storage space...+-6.5MB. (If you try another MyCleanImagio Theme posted, it will just replace the first one installed... no/minimal extra space or storage after the 1st install)

Do you have to try it?
Of course not...only if you want to. (I like to change mine from time to time... now for example, I'm using the Dawn Theme plus the Glossy Black Taskbar)

Will it "goof up" or "slow down" the rom? (Valid for the MyCleanImagio themes and taskbars!)
Not at all, they use the same dll's as the original, and all jpg/png/bmp are at the same resolution as original, plus they can be uninstalled.

Can use my other TSK/Themes with the ones installed?
Yes, just make sure, before installing the MyCleanImagio themes, VZW is your current selected theme. Please understand that as more "sophisticated" your prefered theme, lower the chances that it would work 100% and higher the chances of breaking your rom... (GTX or Full Dusk for example... those mods pretty much will change everything on the phone)... based on that I cannot guarante that your own mods will work on MyCleanImagio... you don't need to mention that it would work with other roms... MyCleanImagio and other roms are different anyway based on the various versions of the packages available.

Can I try on another rom other than MyCleanImagio?
Yes you can, however it may "goof up" and "screw up" your phone...MyCleanImagio themes and taskbars will mod/replace several system files (phone canvas for example), and do need the VZW.tsk already installed and activated.

Why it is not just a regular tsk instead of a cab?
I know it would make it a lot easier, but at the moment I was not able to make a regular tsk replace the system files I would like to (phone canvas, lockscreen, etc)... needs to be a signed cab to do that... (testing a few other possibilites... if you know how to do it... post it)
[Carrier: T-Mobile] [Phone: XV6975 (HTC Imagio)] [ROM: MyCleanImagio]
[WM Build: 21874] [Radio: 2.25.00WVL]


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